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Freefire Indonesia Master 2020 Spring

Project type

Visual Content Event Support





Life is a competition to be the top and nowadays esport is a competition that is always sought. LZY VISUAL brought the action and excitement of Free Fire Asia Indonesia Master 2020 to life at its first-ever world championship tournament.

We were invited Garena Free Fire Indonesia to set the stage for the FFIM 2020 in Jakarta. It was not the first time entering eSports, and we have become big in this realm. We want to give a new atmosphere to the deep and memorable esport contest with its epic battle.

We created video content and handled the art direction, production and set design for the tournament. We use LED Screen with an area of ​​160m2 for the main screen and 48m2 for the Player Desk. The operating system uses 3 PC Computer Resolume that is connected to the LED Screen switcher. In addition there is also Blackmagic which is used to display Live Broadcast on the main screen.

On the Visual Jokey system we use Resolume Arena 7 by dividing it into 1 VJ for the main screen, and 2 other VJ for the right and left Player tables. The main screen displays Opening Content, Live Broadcast and other main content. While the screen on the player table displays the content of each player team and live in-game Death.

This tournament was conducted in streaming because the COVID-19 Pandemic was held without supporters. But the event was still going on with enthusiasm and according to plan.

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